Documents concerning the DFR

Here you find documents about the Dual Fluid Reactor.

DFR patent (in German). It is also available from the  German Patent and Trademark Office, since the server does not work reliably, we offer it here as well.
Google translation of DFR patent application in English and French along with the original German version can be found here:  
Conference contribution for the IAEA. March 4-7, 2013, the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA organized the "Fast Reactors and related Fuel Cycles" (FR13) conference in Paris. Our institute presented the Dual Fluid Reactor on a poster and in a video (an oral presentation was not possible due to the missed deadline). The conference proceeding is now peer-reviewed and can be downloaded here.

Reviewer's comments:

  • "This paper gives well-organized explanations of the DFR and deals with impressive subjects."
  • "The paper comrephensively addresses the titled topics."
This document gives an overview of the DFR technology